Do you have the grit to be a pirate captain? Figure it out in seaworthy!
A real time strategy pirate adventure roguelike in development by Mildly Competent Games.


Seaworthy: A real time strategy roguelike pirate adventure ship simulator featuring brutal 16bit inspired graphics and an insane amount of replayability. We are placing you in the control of a captain and his ship. Experience chaos, death and a constant struggle to stay afloat as you face varieties of crazy encounters and navigate through our open world consisting of procedurally generated maps and quests. Command your men where to go and what to do, react to various encounters, and outfit your ship to meet your playing style. When you’re not fighting for your lives, you’ll have to make moral, tactical, and economic decisions about what risks to take, what sacrifices to make, and what adventures to pursue. Every playthrough will involve unique combinations of encounters, characters, and adventures to create a fresh feel that will remain fun for hours on end. Do you have what it takes to be seaworthy?


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